Dream Experiences

Along with my list of dream destinations, I thought I would compile a list of particular experiences and dreams that I can’t wait to come true:

Participate in a Japanese tea ceremony wearing a kimono and visit the bamboo forest in Kyoto

 Snorkel and scuba dive in the Galapagos Islands

 See the Great Wall of China when it’s snowing

 Rent a car and travel along the East and North coast of Australia

 Rent a camper van and travel all along the North and South Island of New Zealand (need to return to NZ!)

 Make friends with monkeys and meditate in Indonesia

Hike the 8 day Torres del Paine trek in Chile

 Hike 5 days to the top of Roraima (Table Top Mountain) in Venezuela

 Kayak through Halong Bay, row down the Mekong Delta, and eat fresh spring rolls in Vietnam

 Volunteer at an elephant orphanage in Thailand and swim with a baby elephant

 Interact with gorillas in their natural habitat in Uganda

 Swim in devil’s pool at Victoria Falls, Zambia

 Climb Dune 45 in Namibia and watch the sunrise

 Encounter a family of elephants in Botswana

 Hike Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

 Trek the Everest base camp in Nepal

Take a Bollywood dance class in India

Swim in the Dead Sea and visit Petra, Jordan

Bracelet Heartbreak

Either you think I am silly for being this upset, or you understand exactly what I’m talking about. Never have I lost anything nearly as significant and special as what I lost this weekend.

A day at work, a country bar, and 700 chair fabrics later, I discovered it was missing. While eating lunch I noticed that the familiar clinking noise when I set my wrist down was no longer there. I grabbed my wrist. It was bare.

I have never once taken off the diamond bracelet that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. I normally never wear bracelets because they usually slip off my hand, but this bracelet was made for me because it had a lock clasp and was specially sized for my tiny wrist. Not to mention it was sparkly, delicate, and classy – exactly my taste.

When I discovered that it had fallen off my wrist I had this immediate sick feeling in my stomach. I searched everywhere and called everywhere, but no trace. I flew into hysterics – crying, sobbing, grieving, and mourning this special bracelet of mine.

Now my boyfriend, being the amazing soul that he is, assured me that these things happen, it wasn’t my fault, and it meant a lot to him that the bracelet meant so much to me as I breathlessly sobbed “I just want it back on my wrist” into a pillow.

With my imagination, I pictured it being kicked aside on a sidewalk, buried in a snowbank, or scooped up by some woman slapping it on her fat wrist. I sit here and tear up as I imagine these scenarios again. The amount of sentiment this bracelet has is overwhelming, as I’m sure you can tell.

Even though this item is not a real live thing, it is still way more than just a thing. Whether looking down at it and smiling while typing away at work or in downward dog at yoga, there was a comfort I felt in seeing it sparkle and hearing it clink about. At the end of the day something very special was lost without any sign of it returning, and that makes me very sad. It isn’t something that can just be replaced  like everything else I own. For those who have read my Swish of the Pencil post, you know that when I am overwhelmed about something I need to write it out. And that is exactly what this post was for.

Have any of you lost something that completely broke your heart?

Vivid Valentines

Yesterday I had the most wonderful Valentine’s Day that was full of amazing little surprises throughout the whole day and evening. These photos capture it all:

Surprise #1 – Dozens of Candy Grams sent to me from fellow colleagues at work


Surprise #2 – Heart cookies and accidentally smushed cupcakes from my mom


Surprise #3- Valentine’s Card

Surprise #5 – Breathtaking bouquet of roses and lilies, my two most favourite flowers


Surprise #6 – Devinely delicious dinner, wine, and dessert at a very friendly, candlelit Greek restaurant


After dinner, we walked downtown back to my place. It was so snowy and slushy that my boots leaked and filled with slush and water. Even after my left big toe went numb, nothing could take away the warm fuzziness I was feeling from inside. It may have had something to do with the wine, but I can say for sure that this Valentine’s Day was the most special I’ve ever had, with my belly full of food and laughter and my heart filled with vivid warmth.


I would love to introduce to you all my very sweet, 15 year old German Shepherd mix, Maggie. We adopted her when she was one year old. She had been in and out of numerous homes as a puppy, and then on to multiple animal shelters. It was completely meant to be that she ended up with our family. We were everything she needed, and she was everything we needed. As a puppy she was as fast as a cheetah, an excellent guard dog, and a goof.

Now, a decade and a half later, she is much slower getting up and moving around. But she’s still as sweet as ever, giving hugs when she rests her head on my shoulder, and giving the best most excited greetings when I come home. She is covered in white and gray these days, and everyone at the dog park will comment how great and happy she looks for her age. She has one of those great big doggie grins that is infectious to everyone,  filled with so much personality and happiness.


Having been with me ever since that very awkward pubescent stage in a young girl’s life, Mags has grown up alongside with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. For all you dog lovers out there, you know exactly what I mean when I say that there is and always will be a special place in my heart for my childhood dog.

Maggie walking the final stretch of her walk. Tuckered out.

Maggie walking the final stretch of her walk. Tuckered out.