Vintage Reel Award

vintageawardThe “Vintage Reel Award” is designed for bloggers to look back and recall old, valuable memories, perhaps ones that shaped who they are today and in particular, their passion for travel. We each have a different path that we’ve chosen to travel down, leading us to different people and locations all over the world. Along the way there have been surprises, heartbreak, regrets, love, and laughter. This award is what you would like to make of it, whether it’s honouring the path you’ve chosen that has ultimately brought you where you are today, despite the hardships along the way. We should surround ourselves with as much love and laughter as possible. This award allows bloggers to remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a blessing in disguise, and regrets are not doors that are locked forever, but keys that unlock bigger doors with even bigger opportunities.

Steps upon accepting the Vintage Reel Award:

1. Upload an old photo of yourself and describe a story behind it
2. Answer the 4 questions
3. Nominate 10 other nominees

1. My Old Photo

vin1I had no fear, whether it was on the monkey bars, balance beam, or toboggan and it resulted in such an alarming amount of broken bones that a social worker sent my dad into the hall as my arm was being wrapped into a cast in order to question me about my home life. I really do cherish those days of childhood adventure.

2. My responses

1. What is your favourite childhood memory?

Spending New Years Eve with my grandma and blowing bubbles on her deck are at the top of the best of times, right with the cottage. I had 6 summers of cottage fun, filled with bike rides, scavenger hunts, pancake breakfasts, Archie Comics, and swims in the lake. Most of all I had a very wild imagination that created exaggerated stories about our neighbours, received with many eye-rolls form my parents. In my later childhood years my parents took my sister and me on an East Coast trip. We rented a Winnebago and drove all the way through Quebec to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. I was young but recall having such an appreciation for where I was and what I was experiencing. I was fascinated to be in PEI as an Anne of Green Gables lover. Walking along red sand beaches, trying lobster for the first time, and learning how the tide is controlled by the moon’s gravitational pull are moments that made me appreciate new scenery, culture and food. Perhaps this is where my travel bug all began.

2. Describe how you were as a child and how you are now. Are you pretty much the same in terms of what excites you and interests you? 

The Alli then and the Alli now are really not that different at all. I am still goofy, sneaky, and stubborn, with a big heart that wants very much to share, learn and inspire. I had the best childhood and I wouldn’t change a thing . . . except for maybe the unibrow.

3. Who is that person in your life that you couldn’t live without?

My boyfriend. I need someone to encourage me with my French, to get me to stop being grumpy, and make me feel like the most precious thing on the planet.

4. What are your major barriers to travel that you overcome in order to continue traveling? (Money, time, work, etc).

Money. It pretty much all goes towards travel. But how I see it, if all that money has taken me to all those amazing sights and allowed me to experience all that I have, money well spent.

3. My Nominees

John – Pursuit of Life
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Emilia – Emilia Lives Life
Alyssa – Castles in Europe
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Rise and Roam
The Harrises of Chicago
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Jenny – JennyRTW
Amy – Amy the Nomad

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