Dream Experiences

Along with my list of dream destinations, I thought I would compile a list of particular experiences and dreams that I can’t wait to come true:

Participate in a Japanese tea ceremony wearing a kimono and visit the bamboo forest in Kyoto

 Snorkel and scuba dive in the Galapagos Islands

 See the Great Wall of China when it’s snowing

 Rent a car and travel along the East and North coast of Australia

 Rent a camper van and travel all along the North and South Island of New Zealand (need to return to NZ!)

 Make friends with monkeys and meditate in Indonesia

Hike the 8 day Torres del Paine trek in Chile

 Hike 5 days to the top of Roraima (Table Top Mountain) in Venezuela

 Kayak through Halong Bay, row down the Mekong Delta, and eat fresh spring rolls in Vietnam

 Volunteer at an elephant orphanage in Thailand and swim with a baby elephant

 Interact with gorillas in their natural habitat in Uganda

 Swim in devil’s pool at Victoria Falls, Zambia

 Climb Dune 45 in Namibia and watch the sunrise

 Encounter a family of elephants in Botswana

 Hike Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

 Trek the Everest base camp in Nepal

Take a Bollywood dance class in India

Swim in the Dead Sea and visit Petra, Jordan

26 thoughts on “Dream Experiences

  1. I love the idea of visiting the Great Wall of China when it’s snowing, I bet it would look beautiful! :) Great list!

  2. Am with you on the seeing the great wall of china when and I’ll also like to climb it to the top and see if I can see the world below me, that would be a nice feeling but seriously please don’t do the last one please cos I still wanna read your post for a long time LOL….

  3. By the way, meditation is samedi in Indonesian. There once was óne word that eventually totally led me towards the heart of Indonesian spirituality: kebatinan. And maybe your wishes: orang hutan on the one side and meditation on the other side .. actually are not so far apart from each other. Because the authentic kebatinan leads you straigth into the wilderness, where the waterfal, graveyards of noble(wo)man and other gates to the spiritual realm are. Selamat jalan!

  4. Looks like a solid list to me!!

    For me I would love to go canoeing in Antarctica while still possible. Closest I got was climbing Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina (magnificent!!)

    Scuba diving with manta rays, anywhere.

    Visiting Lapland during the aurora borealis ‘season’, no light pollution and count the stars. For the latter a sleepover in a desert would also do (-:

    Enjoy planning your trips!!

    I agree with one of the commenters as far as snorkelling is concerned. Scuba diving is truly immersive!

  5. Never.. ever give up on your dreams.. Passion creates possibilities… and from that a path to follow.

    And the Great Wall of China? it is really cool… and have been there when the old snow was on the ground… a very cool sight indeed…

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