Whisper Lust

For those of you that know me, I am an aspiring writer who has an out-of-this-world love for travel, who can hardly bear the one year wait in between my travels. So, here is the book I want to write to help me travel more frequently while at the same time utilizing my other love of writing.

401250452_0dc8e99e0aTitle: Whisper Lust

Prologue: During down times at work, I map out and plan my travels for the next 6 years before and when I turn 30. I can hardly bear the thought of waiting a year in between my travels, I just want to pack my suitcase and take off . . . but I have no money.

Introduction: I save sort of enough money, quit my job, and buy a RTW plane ticket.

Climax: I travel to 25 countries in one year, and earn income along the way by submitting articles to travel magazines.

Conclusion: My travel bug is very satisfied from all the different cultures I have absorbed and all the wonderful and challenging experiences I have endured.  Now, I am able to settle down a bit, get married, and start a family.

Epilogue: I am hired on by several reputable travel magazines that send me on numerous trips a year to write and record my valued thoughts and experiences.

La Fin.