The Grand Bazaar – Truly a Feast for the Senses

 IMG_2277The moment I was most excited for while in Turkey had arrived. I headed right into the heart of the city and plunged into several kilometres of shops at the Grand Bazaar – the grandest of all bazaars in the world! I absolutely loved walking past the heaps upon heaps of vibrant spice assortments. Curry, red pepper flakes, wild thyme, cumin, dried mint and saffron neatly lined up side by side; their bright and contrasting colours widening my eyes with curiosity and awakening my traveler’s appetite. Delicious dried fruit like apricot, figs, watermelon, lemon and oranges further added to such a wonderful array of colours and flavour. The soul of the Grand Bazaar is very alive within the kaleidoscope of brilliant spices, dried fruit, Turkish delight, titillating music and shining lanterns.

It turned out to be an unforgettable shopping experience where tacky trinkets and authentic treasures were sold side by side. There were stands upon stands of carpets, jewelry, spices, music, lanterns and so much more. I was told to make sure I had my haggling hat on. As it turns out, I am a terrible haggler and I really hate doing it. I don’t think I have the confidence that it requires, or the patience. I really couldn’t be bothered. I purchased harem/Aladdin pants for Egypt and was very pleased with them! I wish there were more opportunities to wear them back home.

As me and a few girls walked around the Bazaar together, multiple shop owners hollered and called us The Spice Girls. I suppose we did look like a pretty interesting group. Brie is short and blonde, I am tallish and brunette, Angie is Bolivian and Helen has pink hair.

I tried some legit Turkish delight to snack on as I shopped. (Kind of like a chocolate, but licorice-y on the inside). Some are coated with nuts, glaze, powder, coconut, etc. There is a very wide variety to choose from (even Viagra flavoured I saw!) While enjoying my selections, a bird shit on my head. My frown was quickly turned upside down when someone from the bustling throngs told me it was good luck!

28 thoughts on “The Grand Bazaar – Truly a Feast for the Senses

  1. Turkey has been on my list a LONG time. In fact, since I was 12 and had to do a school report on it. Someday I will get there. For now, I experience it vicariously through posts like yours.

    Sounds like you had a great day in the bazaar. I think I would need 3 or 4!

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  3. These are beautiful photographs and great pictures… It is my dream to visit Turkey as I am in love their culture and the influence of Sufism there. (Big Rumi fan!)
    I enjoy the Turkish festival every year and am glad you got to experience their marketplace!

  4. My previous comment did not post but– I am glad you got to experience the Turkish culture and marketplace. I am very jealous because that’s a dream destination for me as I’m in love with their culture and the influence of Sufism there(Rumi fan!).
    Enjoy your trip :)

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