Bracelet Heartbreak

Either you think I am silly for being this upset, or you understand exactly what I’m talking about. Never have I lost anything nearly as significant and special as what I lost this weekend.

A day at work, a country bar, and 700 chair fabrics later, I discovered it was missing. While eating lunch I noticed that the familiar clinking noise when I set my wrist down was no longer there. I grabbed my wrist. It was bare.

I have never once taken off the diamond bracelet that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. I normally never wear bracelets because they usually slip off my hand, but this bracelet was made for me because it had a lock clasp and was specially sized for my tiny wrist. Not to mention it was sparkly, delicate, and classy – exactly my taste.

When I discovered that it had fallen off my wrist I had this immediate sick feeling in my stomach. I searched everywhere and called everywhere, but no trace. I flew into hysterics – crying, sobbing, grieving, and mourning this special bracelet of mine.

Now my boyfriend, being the amazing soul that he is, assured me that these things happen, it wasn’t my fault, and it meant a lot to him that the bracelet meant so much to me as I breathlessly sobbed “I just want it back on my wrist” into a pillow.

With my imagination, I pictured it being kicked aside on a sidewalk, buried in a snowbank, or scooped up by some woman slapping it on her fat wrist. I sit here and tear up as I imagine these scenarios again. The amount of sentiment this bracelet has is overwhelming, as I’m sure you can tell.

Even though this item is not a real live thing, it is still way more than just a thing. Whether looking down at it and smiling while typing away at work or in downward dog at yoga, there was a comfort I felt in seeing it sparkle and hearing it clink about. At the end of the day something very special was lost without any sign of it returning, and that makes me very sad. It isn’t something that can just be replaced  like everything else I own. For those who have read my Swish of the Pencil post, you know that when I am overwhelmed about something I need to write it out. And that is exactly what this post was for.

Have any of you lost something that completely broke your heart?