Vivid Valentines

Yesterday I had the most wonderful Valentine’s Day that was full of amazing little surprises throughout the whole day and evening. These photos capture it all:

Surprise #1 – Dozens of Candy Grams sent to me from fellow colleagues at work


Surprise #2 – Heart cookies and accidentally smushed cupcakes from my mom


Surprise #3- Valentine’s Card

Surprise #5 – Breathtaking bouquet of roses and lilies, my two most favourite flowers


Surprise #6 – Devinely delicious dinner, wine, and dessert at a very friendly, candlelit Greek restaurant


After dinner, we walked downtown back to my place. It was so snowy and slushy that my boots leaked and filled with slush and water. Even after my left big toe went numb, nothing could take away the warm fuzziness I was feeling from inside. It may have had something to do with the wine, but I can say for sure that this Valentine’s Day was the most special I’ve ever had, with my belly full of food and laughter and my heart filled with vivid warmth.