About Me

The most adventurous girl you’ll ever meet.


Riding my elephant in Luang Prabang, Laos

Riding my elephant in Luang Prabang, Laos

Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia











Hi there! I’m Alli, and I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by. It won’t take you long to feel my passion for writing and adventure. Whether it’s wandering new cities, jumping into new oceans, navigating airports, hearing different languages, seeing new passport stamps, tasting exotic foods, sleeping in hostels/hotels/tents … I love it. I love it ALL and I can’t seem to get enough of it!

I was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada, now based in Toronto. My love for writing  and reading as a kid transcended into a degree at the University of Western Ontario in English Literature and Creative Writing with a Professional and Technical Communication certificate. When I travel I feel powerful and in charge of my life. As I combine travel with writing I feel strong, happy, and fulfilled. I’ve been in love with travel and adventure for as long as I can remember. I enjoy sharing my writing and experiences, and truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and visitors my blog has received so far.

I own a globe flagged with the places I’ve been. I can be entertained with a globe for a long time. I spin and watch it whirl, studying places I’ve never been, imagining my next trip. I just want to see as much of the world as I can and experience as many different cultures possible! Like everyone else in this world, my life has had its share of ups and downs. Travel has been the one constant in my life and has provided me with healing, self discovery, independence, and cultural awareness and appreciation.

I graduated after five years of university, and on that day I was proud most definitely, but more excited than anything. I had paid off my tuition and student loans. I could start reading and writing for fun. Most importantly, I look forward to fulfilling the rest of my 20’s with as much health, happiness, and adventure as I possibly can.

30 facts about Alli

1. I have traveled to 26 countries and 6 continents
2. I am in love with Asian décor, especially Japanese
3. I am always eating
4. I love being Canadian
5. I like Archie Comics and have since I was a kid
6. I am very stubborn in that I hate being told what to do
7. I love Flight of the Conchords and it would be a dream to meet them
8. I am always stretching and doing yoga, even if I’m busy on the road traveling
9. I think campfires at nighttime are romantic
10. I have psychic dreams that come true
11. I love to sing, especially Christmas carols
12. I will never miss or skip eating breakfast. Never.
13. I have broken a bone too many times to count
14. Whatever time I set my alarm to it has to end in a 7
15. I have never ever dyed or highlighted my hair
16. My favourite books are Where the Red Fern Grows, Jane Eyre, and The Help
17. I love Jim Carrey
18. My favourite foods are Vietnamese, Greek cuisine, and strawberry banana smoothies
19. I once asked a blind man for directions before realizing he was blind. He gave me the right directions.
20. I like to write messages on foggy windows and mirrors
21. I will go slightly out of my way to step on a crunchy looking leaf
22. I wish I had an invisibility cloak
23. I like vintage everything and wished I lived in the 50’s
24. My boyfriend treats me like a princess and would do anything for me
25. I think the cutest animal ever is a baby elephant
26. I drink green tea every morning
27. I love hot yoga because of how good and relaxed I feel after all the sweating and stretching
28. My favourite movies are Dumb and Dumber, Julie and Julia, and Toy Story
29. I can be very sneaky
30. I get goosebumps watching ballet

201 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I especially like 21, stepping on crunchy leaves! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours has a very positive vibe. Best wishes for your travels!

  2. Alli! I’m not sure how you stumbled upon my blog, but I’m so glad that you did because that was my opportunity to find out more about you. I’ve read a couple of your posts thus far and can definitely tell that you’re a phenomenal writer. I LOVE connecting to people that share the same passion for travel as I do!

    Please keep in touch… and I hope you enjoy New Zealand! If you’re still there in Oct. 2013 – 2014, I might just run into you. :)

    Take care!


    • Hi Debbi! Wow! Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment – it truly made my day! I also love connecting to people who share the same passions for travel as myself, especially gaining new insight and learning about places I hadn’t considered to visit yet. Thanks again for visiting and for your comment :)

      • You’re awesome! :) I would love to connect with you via e-mail and hear more of your experiences if you have a chance. Your blog is definitely going into my favorites. :)

  3. Hi Alli,

    Thanks for coming by my blog today. I love your blog! Love this page. So, a few things…
    I love Jim Carrey too, always eat breakfast, have psychic dreams that come true, love blogging and just retired from an 18-year career as a technical communicator.

    If you love vintage, I recommend Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. It’s one of my favorite books.
    Ballet, “goosebumps” — I’m going to do a review on my blog tomorrow about the New York City Ballet Workout. Wonderful book.

    Oh! Another connection… the heroine in my first hopefully to-be-published story is named Ally. Blurb here if you want to see it, (no worries, there is nothing for sale):


    This is a great About page as it clearly evokes interaction.

    Warm regards,


  4. Hi Nia! Wow, thanks for your comment! That’s awesome you found a bunch of things on my list that also apply to you :) As for Twenties Girl, I have read it! My favourite part in that book is when she is randomly forced to ask out that older man at work in front of the whole office. I have read every one of Sophie Kinsella’s books, she’s so funny. I love Confessions of a Shopaholic the most, they really make me laugh. I find that the female characters in her other books always resemble Becky Bloomwood ;) I will most definitely check out that post you are talking about, it sounds very interesting. Thanks again for the visit and for sharing your thoughts!

  5. You bet! My favorite part of Twenties Girl was when she was climbing on top of that pile of chairs to escape out the window and the whole thing is teetering and the guy comes in, but my second favorite is the one you said. As for Shopaholic confessions, the only problem I had was that I developed a hernia laughing so hard.

  6. Hi Alli, I was a backpacker once (almost 20 years ago, ouch) and loved it! I agree with you that travelling is awesome and that you can’t get enough of it. Have fun in NZ and in the rest of the world, it is your oyster after all!

  7. Hi there, Your blog is great, you really can feel your passion for travel. I’ve had a read of some of your adventures and your ‘to visit’ list. I’m sure that you will get through it! Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. I look forward to reading about your time in New Zealand, good luck!

  8. If you ever intend to visit Sabah, North Borneo, I’d be glad to invite you on an indigenous culture delight :) We’ll be celebrating Harvest Festival on May 31 so if you’re in for a slight detour, come hang around with the locals. The best traveling experience is indeed traveling like a local ;)

    Love & Light from North Borneo.

  9. I’m loving your blog, your adventures are certainly inspiring! Completely agree with 5 and 12. Archie comics rock and breakfast is one of the best meals of the day :)
    Happy Travels!

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  11. Alli I liked you instantly, you are a great girl indeed,

    Very nice reading about you. I enjoyed it and I envied it because you paid your tutiions and your student loans great , I love it

    Thanks. for visiting my blog Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

  12. Alli,
    Thank you for stopping by Clicks & Corks and liking one of my images: much appreciated :-)
    You have a very nice blog! I love the header you put toghether and I also love your fact #14 :-D
    Take care and safe travels!

  13. Thank you for visiting! OK, here are ‘My notes to self’: Start drinking green tea, stop dying my hair so people will stop stepping on it thinking it’s a dried-up crunchy leaf … :)

  14. Hi Alli, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve got the wanderlust gene as well and would love to end up with a blog like yours! Btw every alarm I set ends with a 3 or 7. I get you sister. :) Best of luck with everything!

  15. Love… Beautiful lay-out and style! Glad to hear about you when you stopped by Camp Fancy Free! Keep on rockin’ and letting those eyes sparkle at the word…. Travel.

  16. This is a beautiful blog. Thank you for liking my Prague photo thoughts because it brought me to your thoughts…

    I also just love a postcard.

  17. Hi Alli, a fellow wanderer and Canadian!!! My hubby and I just returned from our year long RTW and 50+ countries later, we still haven’t gotten enough travel. I don’t think we ever will!! :)

    Your blog looks wonderful, and I’ll definitely be taking some time to read your posts!

    PS: Japan is wonderful, but check out South Korea too (it’s where we’re living now, and the Hallyu Wave or Korean pop culture is taking over Asia). Seoul is actually the #1 tourist destination for Asians…

    • Hi Shelley! A one year long RTW is my absolute dream. I really hope that one day it comes true! I will have to check out all your destinations! I have heard that about South Korea. When I do visit Japan I will definitely have to include it! Thank you so much for your visit and for commenting!

  18. Hi Alli! Wow, amazing travels. You’ve been to so many places I’d love to discover, Machu Pichu being one of them. Cheers for checking out my humble blog. Have you ever been to Scotland? All the best from Edinburgh

  19. Alli thanks so much for stopping by!!! Which helped me discover :) your blog.
    You sound like you are having the time of your life… Isn’t travel the very best….I keep saving up to plot & plan my next trip–isnt the travel bug just irresistible . Hope to check out more of your travel posts..please do come back for return trips ;) to my blog.. Charu

  20. Hi there, thanks so much for stopping by my blog.. I absolutely LOVE yours, can totally relate to it.. I found myself agreeing with everything I was reading! Can’t wait to read more.. -M

      • :) Gotta go with Betty! Lover of animals, “girl next door,” free spirit, etc. The only way we really differ is her mechanic skills. I am useless with cars :( But I do have my own version of “Archiekins” (insert several floating hearts here)

  21. You seem lovely. And I like Japanese culture too, but I want to learn about other Asian cultures. Indonesia seems interesting. :) I’m proud of you for choosing a BF that treats you so well, that’s really important and one day I hope you travel everywhere you’d like. :)

  22. Dear Alli,

    Just wanted to say that I think you have a wonderful blog here. The formatting, the photos the content: it all creates a playful and delight-filled space that I could spend hours mulling through – rather like a good bookshop.

    There is something spine tinglingly perfect about the experience of travelling. I’ve always considered it as a present to myself; as something about the experience makes me feel awakened – whether the trip be a new bus route or a journey of a thousand miles.

    Keep sharing your journeys and whilst I am unable to travel at this time, I look forward to enjoying the world through your eyes.

    • Well hello there! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, it made my day. I love how you described travel – I completely agree! Thanks again for visiting and sharing your thoughts :)

  23. I think I’ve met my Canadian kindred spirit! Just reading your 30 items made me smile. When you describe yourself, what inspires you and makes your heart smile, I feel like I am reading about myself. So glad to have found you and look forward to reading your blog!

  24. I’m absolutely loving your blog, it’s so inspirational! I’m currently on my year abroad working in France & Spain and although it’s been brilliant, I’m absolutely dying to get home, finish my degree and go RTW!
    ps. I’ve actually been collecting the vintage-style postcards from my travels here to put around my uni room in September!

    • Hi Morwenna – thank you! That sounds awesome living and working abroad in France and Spain. I hear you – RTW is my absolute dream, too. One day for sure :)

  25. I like the idea of 30 facts! I may have to borrow that one :)
    Great blog – I also love travel, breakfast, hot yoga and the Japanese Culture so I will be checking out your blog when I can!

  26. Remarkable about .You have tangible look for life and traveling.Warm regards.jalal

  27. Reading what you have written is like having a conversation with myself…
    I love your poster ‘all I really want to do’ above that expresses me to a T. I really enjoyed your 30 facts about Ali – I will keep reading.
    Thanks for the like on my blog – it’s much appreciated

    janice :-)

  28. LOVE Flight of the Conchords!! As well as hot yoga, breakfast (people actually make fun of my dedication to my breakfasts- no matter the time of day, I MUST have it), Archie comics (when I was little I created paper doll versions of the Archie characters to design clothes for- always loved retro), and especially baby elephants- they’re my favorite!

    Love the idea behind this blog and I look forward to reading more!

  29. 8. I may seem nice throughout my blog, but my job involves being a detective and threatening fraudsters around the world

    whoa really?? I hope that the threatening is only over the phone otherwise I would worry for your safety!

    Thanks for liking my post “How will our objective be accomplished?” on my Emuna Endeavor blog! Hopefully the sailing trip will be as interesting as your travels! :-)

  30. Thank you for noticing my humble blog. I have discovered the travelling lifestyle a lot later than you but can’t wait to be on the move again. Also I agree with you about breakfast – not a meal to be missed! Am now following your blog to find out lots of useful and entertaining stuff about travelling x

  31. Hello Alli, i dont know how you stumbled upon my little blogworld, but thanks for coming by and liking one of my posts.
    I love your own blog and the wonderful writing!

  32. “Travel has been the one constant in my life and has provided me with healing, self discovery, independence, and cultural awareness and appreciation.”

    I love the this.

  33. Wow, what an inspiring blog! I can actually feel that it’s alive…..so much energy and light. I love the vintage pinup postcards you have shown here. Romance. Fantasy. Intrigue. I wish I owned just one of those girls costumes…..hot stuff. I look forward to traveling vicariously through your posts. Keep on going.

  34. You have a very beautiful blog. Well done for all the hard work. I loved the story about the blind man. We all make mistakes!

  35. It is only on discovering you second turn round, in searching on this common place, that I really feel your vibes as if you were standing in my tiny studio where I live on the Mediterranean coast ; and through dreamless nights we may share one day a same meal, Greek food you said? Keep traveling, hope you will come across my path one day as dreams can come true,I pray.

  36. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my VERY new blog :) Can’t wait to look through some of your adventures. Love your list! I also have never highlight or dyed my hair (figured I would save the money until I need to start doing it). If you every need recommendations for Southeast, US visits let me know. Happy Travels!

  37. hey there, thank you for stopping by my blog – pretty new at this thing so made me very happy! just read some of yours and I love knowing that there are other people with a genuine love for travel (and am slightly envious of how much traveling you’ve acutally done!) thanks again!

  38. Thank you ever so much for the likes!

    Your blog is amazing! I’m loving it. You’ve been to so many of the places I dream of going. For now, money is too tight, but my soul twin and I will be traveling the world frugally sooner rather than later! :D

    Thanks again! I look forward to reading and seeing more!

    In Earnest,

    King Pollux ~ Adam Kristofer Walkingstick King

    • Thank you so much!! Once you set your mind to travel, and do the things you need to do to make it happen, (save, prioritize, plan) it’s surprisingly easy to make it happen.

  39. love your bio! I too am very adventerous and plan to stay that way forever. I’m 9 months pregnant now, but super excited about raising my daughter with an adventurous spirit and a passion to travel. I think it’s the best way to learn about pretty much anything.

  40. Ali, awesome blog! I’m living outside of London right now – small world! Glad you stumbled upon my blog so I could see yours. Happy travels, look forward to more of your writing :)

  41. I’m visualizing your flagged globe. I see loads of tiny, colorful flags fluttering all around its circumference. Beautiful blog and breathtaking insights. Thank you for sharing your dreams with those unable to travel nearly as much. :-)
    new blogger and theoretical traveler

  42. Love the Flight of the Conchords. Would love to meet them as well. And have to tell you how thoroughly jealous I am of all the wonderful places you have been to. Very exciting life I bet.

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