Coffee & Croissants in Vientiane – France on the Mekong

Like the rest of Laos, Vientiane’s style originates heavily from that of the French. This French cultural influence that still lives on in the city is one of the most enjoyable surprises that await its visitors. Street names are “Rue” something … Continue reading

Contemporary Travel: What Would the Great Travelers Think of Our Way of Life?

Written By: Laura Gavin Summer vacation means different things to different people. It does make a person wonder what the great travel writers would think of our ideas of “travel.” Today’s travelers have comfortable ultra-modern cars to drive on excellent roads. … Continue reading

Chocolate the Elephant & Bunches of Bananas

My favourite day in my favourite country of Southeast Asia involved elephants – my favourite animal.  The elephant I spent the morning with in Luang Prabang was named Chocolate, and she was 45 years old. Elephants are such giant, but … Continue reading