Rhodes & Lindos – Medieval Marvel

184038_10100338565664071_3444811_nRhodes is one of the most beautiful and popular Greek Islands. Its medieval castles, amazing sea views and pristine clean beaches make it a fantastic place to chill out. I had a great morning exploring Rhodes. It really looked like “A Knight’s Tale” because of how medieval it is: dungeon doors, torches on the walls, castles, draw bridges, etc.

Close by is the town of Lindos, which should never be missed when in Rhodes. After walking up a very steep and long set of stairs (you could also ride a donkey up) there were incredible views. The old town itself is a maze of picturesque narrow streets with most of the small shops openly displaying unique clothes, jewelry, pottery, and custom made sandals.

Unfortunately, after the lunch buffet on the ship, I was down and out for the night due to food poisoning. It wasn’t the greatest timing (I don’t know when it would ever be a good time), but that night was the night of free drinks for our group and when I planned to wear my floor length Greek dress. I had a lot of stomach pain, and it was also really bloated and rock hard. I visited the doctor on the boat and he gave me a shot in the ass, advising me that “it would be best to head back to your cabin now.” In other words, head back to your cabin now as you will be shortly projectile vomiting while simultaneously diarrhea-ing. Terrible. I couldn’t leave the toilet, while at the same time leaning over and barfing in the sink.  Horrible. I stayed in bed for a long, long time wanting to get better quickly so I could ensure I got to see the rest of the islands.

The next morning we docked at the biggest of the Greek Islands, Crete. I chose an optional excursion to go wine tasting, but I was still sick and shaky from Rhodes. The best I could muster was shuffling off the ship to find the biggest orange juice I could find (which was a big one) before hobbling back to bed until Santorini the next day.

23 thoughts on “Rhodes & Lindos – Medieval Marvel

      • It sounds like you’ve been everywhere! :P Everything I post you’re always like, “Ahhh yes, I recall this,” “Ohh brings back memories!” I’m determined to travel as much as you ! :P Anywhere in particular that’s next on your list?

      • Rugby in England – but only because I’m working there for 5 weeks!! Bit of a step down from the Greek Islands… And you seem to get about a fair bit yourself missy! I’d say you’ve overtaken me at this stage – hard to move around much on Latvian wages ;)

      • I was there at Easter but probably won’t make it again until Christmas unfortunately! After being surrounded by teenagers for 5 weeks, a bit of me time is in order so I’ll probably take myself off somewhere for a few days after Rugby but then have to get back to Riga fairly sharpish :( Shame to miss TBEX!

      • Yeah, I’m looking forward to the break – even though it’ll be hard work, it’s a different sort of hard work! I was there last year as well so already know some of the people. The only downside is it’s 30 degrees here at the moment – the first thing I had to do last year in Rugby was buy a coat and scarf!!

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