Beaches & Bikinis

6 Beaches. 6 Bikinis. Comparing the diverse beaches I’ve encountered during my travels and their uniqueness in style and landscape.

1. Enchanting Adriatic

Leaping and lounging on deck

During my Croatian island cruising, I alternated between lounging on deck and leaping off my sailboat into the shimmering Adriatic Sea. The Croatian coastline is simply stunning, with more than 1,000 islands scattered along its length. Ensconced in city walls curving along the shore, it makes a striking contrast between the brilliant blues of the sky and water. The coastline is also a beautiful place for lush scenery. I will never forget jumping into these luminous waters, floating on my back and feeling so lucky to be where I was.

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2. Risqué Nice

Très risqué in nude coloured underwear

The beaches of Nice in France are often scattered with the occasional nudist. I took this practice as far as I could go. I stripped down to my underwear (which happened to be nude), so it really did look like I was topless from afar. Instead of sand, the beach is covered in pebbles. It was a little uncomfortable lying down at first, until I squirmed into a groove that massaged my back nicely.

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3. Festive Ipanema

A Surfer’s Paradise

Sipping from a fresh coconut, I had the most perfect mosey from the beach of Ipanema all the way to Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hundreds of surfers were out catching a wave along Ipanema, and I admired the biggest waves that I had ever seen. The waves crashed down loudly on shore and refreshingly sprayed my skin. By the time I reached Copacabana, music was blaring from all directions and dancers filled the streets wearing big, colourful and festive costumes. Rio, celebrating life, is an everyday ritual that makes this beach scene both exciting and relaxing.





4. Electrifying Paradise

Vivacious and vibrant cocktails

Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece is the ultimate party paradise. What can I say about Mykonos cocktails . . . Well, they are a) very strong b) very expensive and c) very decorative.  These drinks cost about 10 Euros each, but as they were almost 100% alcohol, I got my money’s worth. There are so many people drinking, swimming, and dancing. I was told to look out for “The Elephant Man” and that I would know what it was when I saw it. Sure enough, I noticed a guy wearing only an elephant G-string.

293543_10100338563588231_3480275_n 294098_10100338563468471_2452369_nelephantman

5. Exciting Capri

Speed boating and jellyfish invasion

The Isle of Capri in Italy is surrounded by tall, craggy cliffs and bright, azure blue waters. It’s an island with so many activities to do, the most popular being boat rentals. We rented a speedboat and sped out into the Tyrrhenian Sea like rapid fire. We anchored our boat to jump into the water, but I was reluctant to do so since there were jellyfish surrounding the area. I took in the beautiful scenery and warmth while remaining on boat.

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6. Exotic Red Sea

Snorkeling in a tornado of colourful and unusual fish

My snorkel experience in Egypt within the coral reefs of the Red Sea was beautiful. We went out in a small yacht with our snorkeling guide. I was really anxious to jump into the glimmering turquoise waters. The seawater felt great, although extremely salty. The snorkeling was amazing. The colours in the coral reefs and fish ranged from purples to reds to greens to blues to oranges and yellows. There were large areas where the reefs were extremely close to the surface so I could get lots of cool close up shots with my underwater camera.

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9 thoughts on “Beaches & Bikinis

      • Nice blog, thanks for liking my Waitangi Day post. If you want to see my travel stuff, on my blog over to the right under the latest posts is a categories tab. Travel. Or just scroll down the recent posts. I wrote a whole thing as I spent ‘a Week on Capri’. Amazing. Looks like you are off to NZ soon. Let me know if you need any tips

      • Have you bungee jumped before? I’m terrified, but I will do it anyways since NZ is renowned for its bungee jumping.

      • I have no desire to do so no :-), but the most Iconic place to do it if you are going to is Skippers Canyon near Queenstown. Might as well do it properly. You will be amazed at the adventure sports stuff they have on offer. NZ is the adventure sports capital of the world and Queenstown is the centre of it, as it were.

  1. Well written and you seem well traveled… I have been fortunate enough to spend some time overseas, and truly loved the Mediterranean. Where I was there were a LOT of nudists, which convinced me that Americans are prudes… So with that, have gone out of my comfort zone and my wife and I indulged on a nudist beach in San Diego. and I have found that we both truly enjoy it… Not sure exactly why, but found it liberating… and risque… so at some point, take the leap, and have fun.. We are going to Belize in December for a month, for a boatload of diving and a week with my family. the other 3 weeks? Just us! Thank you for checking out our blog, will keep up with yours… Travel travel travel.. there is just too much to see in this lifetime… (but working on seeing as much as we can) woot woot!

    Erick and Lynda

    • Erick and Lynda – thanks for sharing your thoughts! Belize sounds wonderful. I’ve been interested in getting my dive license so I can do dives throughout my travels :P

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