Bizarre Search Terms

I can’t help but notice the really random and bizarre search terms people are using to land up on my blog. In particular, what is with the frequent search terms related to nudity? … and why are they bringing people to my site? Behold, some of the strangest search terms I’ve seen to date appear in my stats:

Topless underwater bubbles

Boob massage – Wtf?

Topless g-string pics

Naked oil paintings

Poncho sex – What on Earth is Poncho sex?!

Copacabana topless fiestas

Steamy Brazil sex puppets – I don’t know where to go with this one

Croatia nudity cabins

Greek men shitting on toilets

Massage bug sea sex – Ew… What the hell?

Bad Italian nudists

Getting spanked in a mosque – There’s an image…

Heiroglyphic babies tossed into the Nile

I got caught in an alpaca costume – …What?

Well, who knows how these terms lead to my blog… but hey, at least my blog is being stumbled upon even if it is through the most bizarre search term possible. It’s pretty entertaining to find one of these search terms in my stats, I must say. However, I would prefer it if the search terms used in Google were more applicable to the content in my blog!

What are some of the strangest search terms that you’ve seen in your blogs stats?