The Glittering Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a complex of beautiful textile designs and structures at the heart of Bangkok. Several royal ceremonies are held within the walls of the palace every year, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. The patterns glittered and twinkled in the sun. I was amazed by the designs and intricate patterns, and I felt blinded if I took my sunglasses off. Also housed within the Grand Palace is the Emerald Buddha, that is carved from a block of jade. It is a national adoration and crowds come to pay respect to the memory of the Buddha and its teachings. Its outfit is changed three times a year by the king according to the season. At the time, the Buddha was wearing its “winter clothes.”

When visiting the temple, shoulders and knees must be covered. Ladies, the best thing to have in your bag while traveling through Southeast Asia is a sarong or scarf. Countless temples have a conservative dress code that is strictly enforced. Of course, the climate is generally very warm and a sarong or scarf to throw over your shorts or shoulders is the easiest, most comfortable thing to do, over wearing pants. (Sweat show right there). 


13 thoughts on “The Glittering Grand Palace

  1. Great photos! Everything looks exactly as I remember it and you did a great job capturing the beauty of the temple. If you’re headed to Chiang Mai and need a good hostel recommendation let me know.

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