Dubrovnik – City Walls & Peacocks

281686_10100334827300781_6538240_nAfter the skies cleared up, I ventured up top to the city walls. The view of the city up there is incredible – it surpassed my expectations. I felt that the girl from New Zealand who walked around with me hates me because of all the photos I asked her to take of me. It doesn’t help that she is not a photo person at all. I needed those photos to be taken, though. Being up at the city walls provided me with sights and images I have never seen anything like before. It is so unique and medieval.  There are so many tall towers and the vibrant red roof tops seemed to glow for miles. I could feel the many stories engraved along the walls as I walked along.

In Dubrovnik there are giant staircases with railings that are covered thick at the very bottom. It’s called the “Modesty Curtain,” and its purpose was to block people from seeing the ankles of the women when they would lift up their skirts to walk down the steps. Oh yes, it was very scandalous for men to view an ankle.

On the kayaking excursion, we kayaked all the way over to Lokrum Island, which looks straight from a fairy tale. There are hundreds of peacocks everywhere and a beautiful bluey-green lagoon. I stepped on an urchin though on my way into the lagoon. I’m still trying to get it all out of my big toe right now. Apparently soaking my toe in oil and letting it sit in the sun will make the needles come out easier.

My camera and photos are my most valued possessions. Somehow, even though being anal about my camera at all times, I left my camera behind at the kayaking spot. I realized this a while later just before getting onto the bus to take me back to the boat. I have never sprinted so FAST in my life. The crowd actually parted to let me by and I could see every head turn as I dashed by without wearing any pants, (only my swim suit bottoms). Sheer panic. Thank goodness my camera was still there, hiding beneath my life jacket.

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