Red Light District

redlight3The moment had arrived to check out the eye-opening Red Light District, where the creative and the wacky come together on narrow cobbled streets, 24/7. My last night in Amsterdam became pretty authentic. Wandering along the canals, I experienced Amsterdam’s coffee shops, museums, and quirky, cool boutiques.

When in Amsterdam, right?  The next thing I knew I was in the middle of a live Sex Show. That’s right. Our guide brought us to see the show to get a true, Red Light District experience. It was bizarre and as shocking as you’d expect. I remember concentrating on the stage with a “What the hell am I watching?” stare, and as I looked around at my travel friends, everyone was sucking on phallic shaped suckers, including myself. The whole thing was simply a once in a lifetime experience: one I was glad to experience, but also one I don’t have any intention of replicating.

After the show ended, we walked through the very narrow alleys of the Red Light District and saw several prostitutes: women of a vast variety, smiling and beckoning at us, tapping the windows.

I even saw seven men – yes, seven – pile in through one of the doors after a lengthy negotiation with a single prostitute.

I leaned over a bridge railing, spanning a canal, and observed the Red Light District in all its glory. The drunkenness, the drugs, the prostitutes, the noise, the colour.

As I looked down the canal, I heard a tapping to my left.

The very scantily clad woman in the window had me in her sights, and she was tapping on her window to get my attention.

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