Traveler Timeout: An Interview with Divergent Travelers

franzjosefglacierI am so excited to be recognized by Lina and Dave from Divergent Travelers and to be part of their Traveler Timeout series. I met the travel crazy couple at this year’s Travel Blog Exchange in Toronto. Lina excitedly informed me that the two of them had decided to take the plunge on a 2 year journey around the world. A RTW adventure, really, is my biggest dream realized. It’s great how the two of them are able to share their strong love of travel with each other on a journey of such magnitude.

You can read my interview with them here.

12 thoughts on “Traveler Timeout: An Interview with Divergent Travelers

  1. Aww love this! I’m doing a mini-RTW to Japan and Thailand next month for just a couple of weeks, but I’d love to do a proper one and just take a whole year off, like you say! One day :)

    • Thanks, Catherine! WOW Japan and Thailand…. oh boy. Those are on the top of my list, especially Japan! Can’t wait to see photos. Where are you visiting in Japan?

      • *gasp!* Are you going to the bamboo forest in Kyoto???! need to go there. Hmmm… I’m thinking Western Canada might be next for me! Maybe some other National parks in the States as well… like Yellowstone!

      • I really want to, my cousin just went and her pictures are so wonderful! And ooh that sounds fantastic – would love to make it to the other side of the country one day soon. So many people I speak to here in London have been to BC and tsk-tsk me for not having visited yet!

      • I know exactly what you mean! I think Western Canada plus some Napa Valley, Yosemite and Yellowstone NP would make a great little getaway. Can’t wait to see your Japan and Thailand photos soon!! (Especially if you visit the bamboo forest)

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