Learning the Tango in Buenos Aires

tangoMy last night in Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without a night of Tango. We went to a Tango show and dinner where we learned the intense dance for ourselves. I was one of the few people who seemed to actually enjoy the lessons and so I happily stuck it out until they were finished. I was proud when I received my certificate at the end of the lengthy lesson! I really love how the city seems so based off a love of music, art, and dance.

It definitely takes its influences from soccer too, of course, but I’m not so much a fan of the ever pervasive soccer culture here, or anywhere, really. I can’t recall a place I’ve been to that has seemed more artsy. Paris is pretty artsy, but Buenos Aires seems much more rustic and a lot less glamorized than some European cities.

At dinner we tasted some more Argentinean beef and red wine as we watched the tango show on stage. While we were eating, one of the male dancers came and grabbed me from my seat. I danced with him among the dinner tables and became pretty shy since everyone started to watch us. Wearing a smooth suit with his dark hair slicked back and effortlessly guiding me from side to side and down and up, he was the real deal. We started chatting and soon after I became much more relaxed.

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