Pirate’s Admiration Award

piratesadmiration1Yarr, thank you Yulia from In Search of Perfect and Lindsay from Traveluster for both nominating me for a Pirate’s Admiration Award! I had never ever heard of this award until I was nominated and I even thought it might be a joke! Alas, it is not, harr harr! Thank you, my mateys! Now I get to pass this award on to bloggers I admire, so if ever I’m completely adrift in Blogger Sea I’ll have my own band of pirates to rescue me.

The rules for Pirate’s Admiration Award are:
1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and a link back.
3. Put on somethin’ frilly, ‘n be tellin’ a blogger ye desire to admire that a Steamin’ Pirate admires ya, ‘n yer passin’ that admiration to him or her to be plundered, if ye so desire.
4. Nominate up to ? bloggers for Pirate’s Admiration Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
5. Copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog.

Bad Pirate Jokes: (and by bad I mean are supposed to be bad but I laughed at them all)

Have you heard about the new pirate movie?
It’s rated AARRRRRR! Why? Because of all the booty! 

Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
Because they can spend years at C

How did the pirate stop smoking?
He used the patch

What was the pirate’s name who had no legs or arms and fell overboard?
Captain Bob

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Interrupting pirate.

Why are pirates called pirates?
They just aRRRRRRRR

Ahoy… Thar be thousands of pirates in history but if I were to be off to sea, I’d like these fine Women and Men thar wit’ me. Would be me honor to have ye on board:

  1. Mightwar
  2. My Chocolate Soul
  3. Fabulous 50’s
  4. Full of Her Travels
  5. She Cooks She Laughs She Loves
  6. The Motivated Life
  7. Flora Margaret
  8. London Blogger
  9. Postcards, Photos, and Passports
  10. Jings and Things
  11. This Got My Attention
  12. One Year, No Backpacks, No Plan

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