Punakaiki & Pancake Rocks

DSCN0878The drive to Punakaiki was looking grim. The skies were black and the condensation fogged the windows so it was hard to admire the sights from the window even. However, the rain turned to a spray, then a sprinkle, then it vanished! The skies cleared up in time to watch the sun set. We walked to the Truman Track and it was only a short walk to reach the shore. The waves were huge and the sun was really bright. I appreciated and and admired the sight even more because I was feeling so grateful for the rain break. 

The cliffs were tall and towering above and a tall waterfall was wedged in between them. The next day was another long hike. We hiked about 2.5 hours to reach the Pancake Rocks. The hike was so lush and scenic along the way, as we were right in the rain forest. I haven’t noticed too many furry critters in the forests like I would at home, but there are so many cool birds! I saw a bunch of Fantails, which are birds with tail feathers spread exactly like an open fan. They flitted here and there too fast for me to get their picture. There were also lots of Weka birds, not to be confused with a Kiwi! As soon as I saw them I was convinced they were kiwi birds . . . but they are cousins of the kiwi. Kiwis are actually really hard to find in the wild because they are nocturnal and endangered.

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