Canada Day in Split, Croatia

184115_10100334813498441_2320412_nFor the second year in a row I spent Canada Day out of the country. Last year I spent it in Vienna at an amusement park. This year, I am sitting in the Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to Split, Croatia. When I walked outside the airport to see Split, I was floored! Gorgeous olive and citrus groves welcomed me and provided my first image of Croatia. I made friends with an Australian husband and wife who helped me get to my hotel via bus. Ned and Margaret were very excited to learn that they would be entered into my journal in the evening.

Split is the oldest and second largest town in Croatia. Tall and medieval towers soared above my head. I got lost in the streets, drifting past flower shops, fruit stands, musicians, and an abundance of sailboats in the harbour.

I lounged on my bed in the hotel after a day of exploring Split, hoping my roommate would be back soon so I could meet her before I fell asleep. I already spied her luggage tag and learned that she’s from Chicago. Outside of my open window I heard lots of hustle and bustle and a loud, echoing singing band.

Just as I spent all night getting to know my roommate when we finally crossed paths, we ended up getting split up (pun intended) and assigned different boats for the journey!  Glad we stayed up so late ensuring we got to know each other well only to be shipped onto different boats . . .

12 thoughts on “Canada Day in Split, Croatia

  1. This is funny timing for a post, I was just thinking about how I’ll be spending the 4th of July outside of the US! (in fact we’ll be in Italy and Poland that day)

    Sometimes you’ve got to bring the celebration to the rest of the world :)

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