Bizarre Search Terms

I can’t help but notice the really random and bizarre search terms people are using to land up on my blog. In particular, what is with the frequent search terms related to nudity? … and why are they bringing people to my site? Behold, some of the strangest search terms I’ve seen to date appear in my stats:

Topless underwater bubbles

Boob massage – Wtf?

Topless g-string pics

Naked oil paintings

Poncho sex – What on Earth is Poncho sex?!

Copacabana topless fiestas

Steamy Brazil sex puppets – I don’t know where to go with this one

Croatia nudity cabins

Greek men shitting on toilets

Massage bug sea sex – Ew… What the hell?

Bad Italian nudists

Getting spanked in a mosque – There’s an image…

Heiroglyphic babies tossed into the Nile

I got caught in an alpaca costume – …What?

Well, who knows how these terms lead to my blog… but hey, at least my blog is being stumbled upon even if it is through the most bizarre search term possible. It’s pretty entertaining to find one of these search terms in my stats, I must say. However, I would prefer it if the search terms used in Google were more applicable to the content in my blog!

What are some of the strangest search terms that you’ve seen in your blogs stats?

12 thoughts on “Bizarre Search Terms

  1. Oh absolutely! You wonder what on earth people are up to out there. Have a selection of my favourites
    ‘one does not simply beat valerie adams and take roids and look like a man’, death depressing art, bare feet school boys poor, cardiff world naked bike ride, biggest big toe in the world, I am not a toilet, I am an Alien! and the best. Picture of a naked mexican with a wooden leg and a funny hat.

  2. I get the same!!! I’m so pleased to find there are others out there! Because my blog covers nudist beaches as we pass through them I get a lot of genuine searches for nudist beach information. That’s fine, but then I also get lots of searches from people looking specifically for “naked wives on nudist beaches”. Then the field opens up from there. I had a search for “fetish all the way through” and there was also “women on oil rigs nude”.

    I also got a search for “vandalizing graveyards” which I found even more worrying.

    I would like to think all good blogs get them. Having read Sandy’s comment I am also VERY tempted to do an internet search for a picture of a naked Mexican with wooden leg and a funny hat, because that’s something I think would quite possibly enrich my web-browsing experience.

    Have you tried searching yourself for all these weird referrals to see if you get taken back to your site?

    • Hi there! Haha that’s awesome. You definitely have had your share of strange search terms as well! Vandalizing graveyards is a bit worrisome, indeed. I am actually hesitant to Google some of these search terms out of fear of what I’ll come across! Thank you for your comment! :D

  3. Today someone found my blog using the search term “I said edward IV you silly computer.” Not only do people seem to find blogs by goggling weird things I also wonder why my little blog turns up towards the top of some of these results.

  4. “Indian school girls in bikinis” is one that shocked me with strange terms on my blog…my blog does not have a bikini in sight! It saddens me what some people must be watching on the internet…

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