Soleil à Nice

247453_10100270361316131_5691929_nIn stark contrast to my Barcelona entry, my spirits had lifted so very high once I made it to Nice! Our very first day of complete sunshine and warmth had arrived in Nice, France! It felt glorious without feeling the need to carry around my umbrella and raincoat (which I had become accustomed to lugging around every day).

Nice is a beautiful town with lots of hills, shops, and markets. Lying on the beach was my favourite part of the day. The beach wasn’t sandy though, just rocky. It was actually a nice little massage on my back as I wedged and snuggled against the rocks. As it is also a nudist beach, I saw several naked people, all of an older generation. I never thought I’d get to wear my swimsuit so I didn’t think to bring it along. Nonetheless, I stripped down to my underwear and sunbathed. My bra was strapless and tan coloured so it really did look like I was topless from afar. The best part of the day was seeing the sunshine and feeling the warmth. It had been so chilly and wet on account of the floods in Western Europe, and when it drizzled I never missed a single raindrop as I was outside 24/7 living in my tent!

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