Alpine Town of Lucerne

37900_889832586781_4866377_nI fell in love with the jaw-droppingly beautiful alpine town of Lucerne. With covered wooden bridges, cobbled lanes and quaint buildings, Lucerne’s centre is perfect to explore on foot, and also to stock up on lots of genuine Swiss chocolate! The first thing I did was visit a Swiss chocolate shop. I went back in for seconds and even thirds. Lucerne is a car-free old town with charming town squares and a covered medieval bridge in the centre of town (one of the oldest covered wooden bridges in Europe). To many, (and myself included) Lucerne is the essence of Switzerland.

In the evening, I headed to the Alpine heights of Lauterbrunnen and stayed in a typical Swiss chalet. I was absolutely thrilled to get to stay in a little cabin instead of my tent. It was such a treat to have a pillow and a log shelter for a couple nights. While staying among Switzerland’s massive Alps, I was constantly taking in the views, in particular the amazing Staubbach Falls close by. In the summer, warm winds spray the waters around so that the waterfall sprays in all directions. These droplets of water gave the waterfall its name. (Staub = dust)

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