Gun Show in Olympia

198742_10100335988084561_5542639_nOlympia is the home of the ancient Olympic Games. When I visited it was of course another hot, hot day! I had to roll up and knot my shirt because it was drenched in sweat.

Olympia had two parts: the city, and the Olympics field above on a mountain. Women, especially married ones, were strictly forbidden to watch the games. If a woman was caught watching she would be killed. There was a woman who once tried to see them. She dressed herself like a trainer and watched the matches of her son. When her son won a match, she shouted (sounding like a woman, of course) and the men of Olympia killed her. From that time on, not only the participants, but also the trainers and spectators weren’t allowed to wear clothes.

On the way out of Olympia we crossed the Patra Bridge and stopped at a remote town for some Greek coffee, (which tasted and had the texture of sand, I might add). There was a pier not too far away so a few of us decided to head over to take some photos. I took one step too far back though . . . and fell backwards into the water with a yelp and giant splash. I was cheered on so it was actually really funny, and refreshing!

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