Boating on the Isle of Capri

250055_10100270446919581_5450240_nFrom Naples, we took an extremely rocky boat ride to the main marina of Capri. Everywhere I turned there was somebody barfing in a bag. Luckily, I do not get sea sick so I found a spot the furthest from the barfing brigade and read my book. Once I happily stepped off the boat, I soaked up the views and headed off into the white-washed villages where I tried the region’s sweet lemon liqueur, limoncello. We also decided to rent a boat to do some cliff jumping and swimming. I was merely the photographer for those who wanted to jump off the cliffs. There were also so many jellyfish in the water so I didn’t swim either because I was afraid to get stung like someone else did. So, I sunbathed on our boat and enjoyed the bright blue waters while staying dry.

Set on sheer slopes, Sorrento doles up sweeping views over the Bay of Naples. At night I explored Sorrento’s web of narrow streets and found a little restaurant where I ate mouthwatering Italian pizza. I absolutely indulged. That delightful pizza on my plate was looking back at me with each bite I took and the love affair began. I happily devoured my pizza while joining dozens of others watching the soccer match. It was the World Cup during my time in Europe, so everywhere I went I was bombarded with soccer matches and the dreadful noise of horns that people blow over zealously in the crowds. I would go back to my pizza and get lost in its deliciousness before my tummy would not and absolutely could not consume any more.

2 thoughts on “Boating on the Isle of Capri

  1. I most definitely was on that boat. Although it was about 6 years ago, the crew was walking around passing out barf bags. You are very lucky to not feel the effects! Barfing or not, once you get to Capri it is totally worth it. Such a beautiful island!

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