Wine Tasting in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Jackson Triggs vineyard

From the smelling, the swirling, and the tasting, all of you who enjoy the experience of wine will be amazed by Niagara-on-the-Lake. A spectacular oasis for wine lovers, it is an absolutely beautiful town filled with vineyards upon vineyards. It is a community of wineries, each having their own personalities as distinctive as the wines they create. Each winery has its own unique story: from the sleekness of glass and steel to the warmth of stone and wood.

Behind the doors to each winery you’ll find a wide range of wines to sample. However, if possible, stow snacks or have a hearty meal beforehand. A very simple concept, I know, but as we arrived just in the nick of time for our wine tour, I didn’t have time to eat after the drive. Needless to say, I got very drunk by the end of the tour. Glass upon glass of wine was thrust upon me, and I gladly sipped and sampled them all. I would swipe handfuls of bread sticks in less than subtle maneuvers. Luckily, we had our very own driver who drove us around in a very vintage, old car . . .  so we arrived at each winery in style, I’d say.

You also have the option to bike ride from vineyard to vineyard, but I can only see that becoming disastrous after all the wine.

On our way to the first winery, Jackson Triggs, our driver took us on a very picturesque detour throughout town. From big, beautiful, gardened homes to the shore of Lake Ontario, we experienced the most lovely, scenic drive!

8 thoughts on “Wine Tasting in Niagara-on-the-Lake

    • Haha! They certainly placed the focus on the wine, not on any accompanying food! At one winery, they even showed us what would soon be a wood oven stove for Tuscan Pizza sampling . . . that wasn’t teasing my hunger at all!

      • I bet!! :) I wouldn’t have been able to cope! smart move on getting a driver and going around in style…those old London cabs are ideal for sightseeing.

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