Montréal – Botanical Gardens


During my time in Montréal, I visited the Botanical gardens, the Olympic Stadium, and shopped all the way along St. Catherine’s. The locals were very friendly and charming. In fact, the cab driver that took me to the Olympic Stadium asked me when I would be finished exploring so he could come back and pick me up! Sure enough, he was there, and he gladly listened in on my day of exploring. I don’t think you could ever run out of things to do while staying in Montréal. 

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

Riding up top of the Olympic Stadium via cable car

Riding up top of the Olympic Stadium via cable car

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Inside the beautiful China gardens

Inside the beautiful China gardens

6 thoughts on “Montréal – Botanical Gardens

  1. ma ville favorite dans tous canuck terres :) avez-vous déjà visité La Distillerie? loved the stuff they came up with there. Amazing city. far as I’m concerned the Canadiens are the better team.

  2. Hey Alli!

    I am headed to Montreal in January for a second visit after a NYC Christmas, however last time I went was in the summer. Do you know of any good activities or festivals etc that happen during January?


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