My Muse

Here is my flagged globe – my muse. It’s on my fireplace mantle, with a little African village I put together scattered around it. I purchased little African people made from banana leaves from a Kenyan artist here in town at a summer festival. I also bought from him giraffes, elephants, zebras, and a colourful wooden bowl carved to resemble the African continent. I also have a giant giraffe painting hanging, but that’s another story. I can’t wait for when I visit Southern and Eastern Africa. I have this Ultimate Africa itinerary in my travel binder that visits 8 countries in 54 days, starting from Cape Town and ending in Kenya . . .  my dream itinerary! *Swoon!*

Each time I hot glue another flag on my globe I feel giddy with barely controllable glee. I can just imagine how much busier this globe is going to look by the time I turn 30. I will make sure of it! Anyone who knows me won’t argue that.


What’s your muse?

5 thoughts on “My Muse

  1. My muse is escape :) Good that you got yours on your mantle. I bet by the time you get to 30 that there globe will only have space on the oceans and the two poles. I have a question….what is it about Cape Town that everyone (who ain’t South African) likes so much?

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