Whisper Lust

For those of you that know me, I am an aspiring writer who has an out-of-this-world love for travel, who can hardly bear the one year wait in between my travels. So, here is the book I want to write to help me travel more frequently while at the same time utilizing my other love of writing.

401250452_0dc8e99e0aTitle: Whisper Lust

Prologue: During down times at work, I map out and plan my travels for the next 6 years before and when I turn 30. I can hardly bear the thought of waiting a year in between my travels, I just want to pack my suitcase and take off . . . but I have no money.

Introduction: I save sort of enough money, quit my job, and buy a RTW plane ticket.

Climax: I travel to 25 countries in one year, and earn income along the way by submitting articles to travel magazines.

Conclusion: My travel bug is very satisfied from all the different cultures I have absorbed and all the wonderful and challenging experiences I have endured.  Now, I am able to settle down a bit, get married, and start a family.

Epilogue: I am hired on by several reputable travel magazines that send me on numerous trips a year to write and record my valued thoughts and experiences.

La Fin.

6 thoughts on “Whisper Lust

  1. sounds like a good plan. Get your articles to have their own USP…make them stand out. If your blog is the yardstick for your writing, then you’re definitely on the right path. Travel magazines come and go…being linked to one specific magazine is a recipe for disaster. Getting on the radar of established publications like Conde Nast isn’t as hard as one would think. Just boils down to USP of your writing style. And be a maverick.

    • :) the best travel writers are untethered…no deadlines, no commitments to a single publication, no itineraries. They’re a brand in their own right. And they’ve been doing that from day 1. They didn’t wait to get established. All about attitude :) Like most things in life. Believe in yourself. Been reading your posts. You definitely have something going here.

      • Well, you have just completely made my day. Thanks again very much for your insight and encouragement! I really appreciate your comments ;)

      • inside one of those ideas is that nugget ;) have the clarity to see it with not only your mind :) have an awesome day. I gotta get to bed on this side of the world.

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