Lost Luggage

The only memories I have of England are a) airline losing my luggage, b) walking to my hotel on a cobblestone street, and c) riding the tube, (which I actually enjoyed greatly).  But of course, this won’t do. England makes it to the top of places I must revisit. And I must visit it right.

Naturally, I’m a little paranoid about losing my luggage. When my flight took off from Amsterdam on its way to London I had this daunting feeling. As I wait at luggage claim, my stomach sinks as the belt gets emptier and emptier. Eventually I start to insult (in my head, of course) the people who find their bags and happily walk away. Sure enough, the last bag is claimed and eventually the belt comes to a complete stop. Trying to stay calm, I ask for help. A grandma was standing next to me at another airline who also had her bag lost. She didn’t speak English back to me but I know she could tell by my face expression that the same thing happened to me. It helps to know there’s at least one other person who has to deal with the same crap as you do.

Since my Amsterdam flight was delayed so much, my connecting flight didn’t have enough time to put my luggage on . . . which actually doesn’t make any sense because THAT flight was delayed in order to put luggage ON! I was told my bag would be delivered to me at my hotel later tonight, provided it is found. Please, please be delivered to me tonight! We leave tomorrow at 5 in the morning. In the mean time, I am going to enjoy riding the tube here in London.

As I sit here daintily on the tube, I’m finding it really amusing assessing people. The woman sitting across from me is typing away on her lap top, occasionally looking up at her surroundings. Her long legs are extending out from a dull grey and over sized pantsuit for her thin frame. Her face is pale and gaunt, with dark eye lids and tired grey eyes. However on the occasions that she does look up, she will give unprompted close mouthed smiles at no one or nothing in particular.

Late last night my luggage arrived! I couldn’t feel more relieved. It took a couple days of constant phone calls and compulsive computer checking, but everything’s better this morning because I have all my things now. My luggage was dropped off at 3 in the morning here at my hotel in London. I had already long gone to sleep thinking I was going to spend the next 5 weeks without luggage, and even accepted that fact.  But we are also on our way to PARIS at the moment so the stress of my lost luggage is quickly fading.

So, because my entire sight seeing time was unfortunately ruined by tracking down my luggage, I will be revisiting England in the very near future. At least I could enjoy a couple rides on the tube!

17 thoughts on “Lost Luggage

  1. Hi Alli, this is a really good blog! I’m from England, so I’m sorry you didn’t get to see more of it. Keep up the excellent writing!

    p.s. I’m very proud to say that when I visited Vancouver I did hear 1 person say ‘Aboot’! She was a tourguide from Montreal, and said it all the time! – Not exactly enough to justify the stereotype, but proof that it does happen!

    • Hi there, thanks so much! Yeah, I am definitely revisiting England with the hopes of NOT tracking down lost luggage the entire visit. You’re kidding! In Montreal… hmmm.. haha I have yet to hear this! :) Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts!

  2. …and I would also add to Charlotte’s comment above that I too have heard ‘aboot’ many times! Spent a number of years visiting Nova Scotia and it’s quite common to hear it there, and also in Toronto – or Tronnah as the locals seem to call it! Nice blog and dreams, good stuff – eh! Greg

    • Hi Greg! I have never in my life! And I have been to Nova Scotia and of course Toronto numerous times… so I am still convinced it’s not as common as everyone thinks :P But if I hear this, I will let you know! Thanks for visiting and for your comment :D

      • Ha, well maybe I was in a particularly Scottish part of NS – I guess that’s where it originates as it certainly sounds like the Scots pronunciation of ‘about’ to me! Yep, let me know if you hear any more – maybe they were just putting on for my benefit! Greg

      • I can definitely imagine that kind of accent way more in Nova Scotia than in Toronto :) I have really been wanting to go back to Nova Scotia lately. When I do I will be listening very closely to their accent. :D

      • Well, until you do return, I’ve got quite a lot of NS photos and a couple of short films on my blog so that might be a quick fix in the meantime! Whereabouts in NS have you visited before? I loved my trips there actually and would like to return again – so many places to go, though! G

      • I visited Halifax, Cape Breton Island, Digby, St. Andrews, Dartmouth, Cabot Trail, and Peggy’s Cove (my favourite). I will definitely have to check out your NS posts! :)

      • Some great spots there (yes, Peggy’s Cove is beautiful) – I’d also recommend Lunenburg and Mahone Bay, as well as Wolfville which is where I was based – Evangeline Trail, Blomedon and Fundy coast are over on that side of the province too and worth a trip – yes, have a look at my posts if you get a moment! GF

      • You know now that you mention it, I did make it to Lunenburg! I think I even have a T-shirt from there. I also visited New Brunswick and PEI. As an Anne of Green Gables lover, I was fascinated by PEI.

      • Ah ha, a classic ‘been there got the t-shirt’ moment! I didn’t get to PEI so I’d like to get up there next time and also down to the Kejimkujik national park – and maybe some whale watching in Fundy – had the chance of doing either that or tidal bore rafting last time and went for the latter – fun 1 – culture 0 on that occasion! G

      • Yes definitely do PEI! We whale watched in St. Andrews on the Fundy. Definitely do it in a little zodiak boat instead of those huge boats to get up nice and close. I loved hearing the sound of the whale’s blowhole! Time for me to start doing posts on my East coast experiences…

      • I’ll put it on the list! Less ambitious than your ‘dreams’ list but a list of sorts nevertheless! We used the zodiacs for the tide bore rafting, they’re great fun so yes, I think they’d be fantastic to get up close to the whales – look forward to your east coast posts then! G

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