10 Steps of the Turkish Bath

While in Istanbul I decided to take to the time-honoured tradition of the Hamam (steam bath house) and get scrubbed down on heated marble stones. Since these hairy Turkish Bath men didn’t speak any English, a spank or a grunt was used for communicating what they wanted us to do or where they wanted us to go. I honestly wasn’t too sure what to expect going in, but I certainly did not expect this.


1. Sit in cave sauna for 20 mins in your bathing suit. Croc-like shoes are provided for you.

2. A huge hairy man with a big belly and towel around his waist scrubs you very vigorously with a big scrubby

3. Lay down on giant marble block

4. Foam is lathered a ridiculously insane amount and massaged over every inch of your body

5. Get spanked, and flip sides

6. Rinse (giant bucket of water poured over your head)

7. More foam massaged over entire head and even face. Remember to close your mouth!

8. Rinse

9. Dry off by having your head and hair wrapped up in a turban

10. Oil massage, with another loud spank here and there

An experience I know I will never forget. How could anyone forget getting one of these! Was it relaxing? No. Was it funny? Oh yeah. Helen and I laughed so much throughout the whole process, and it did feel really good afterwards, as all the dead skin was completely scrubbed away. My skin was the smoothest and softest it had ever felt. I slept really good that night!

12 thoughts on “10 Steps of the Turkish Bath

    • Haha I don’t know what kind of massages those are . . . but are you sure you wouldn’t ever want a Turkish bath? Your skin feels amazing after :)

  1. I think you’re supposed to go in to the female bath house.The experience is similar but you get females to scrub you and massage you and it’s probably easier to communicate. However, I bet your skin has never been so clean or fresh.

    • I had no idea there was such thing! You’re right though – my skin felt so clean and fresh after all that vigorous scrubbing. Thanks for your comment!

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